BuffBarbies Cattery



Welcome to BuffBarbies Cattery!


  We are a WCF and TICA registerd British Shorthair and british longhair cattery located in sunny California.

  In 2016 I had my first British Shorthair and fell in love with this breed.  I officially srated this cattery in 2019. Days and Nights of research of Bloodlines and breed Standard, we found the best bloodlines all around the world and brought them here in our cattery. 

    Our breeding goal is to have healthy, strong, and sweet british shorthairs with gentle personalities. 

More information about this breed: https://cfa.org/british-shorthair/




  We lives in a 4000+ sqf  house, with a 24 hour helper for our cat to have the best quality life. We have one nursery room (which is my bedroom), 2 kittens rooms, 2 female rooms, and 2 male rooms with seperated living spaces. 

Cats are born canivores. Our cats have 70% of top quality raw meat bones, (Souly raw, Darwin etc.)  and 20% of  freeze-dried raw (Stella and Chewy, Primal etc.)  10% of cans (ziwipeak).  We feed them Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, Beef, Venison, rabbit, elk, duck, goose and pork. We give them green lip mussel and freezed dried as healthy treats.( fresh is the best, souly raw etc.) Our kittens are raised with love and a lot of attention. All the kittens from our cattery will be well socalized and living a happy life.


Finding my kittens a loving home is my top priority.

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www. Buffbarbies.net