BuffBarbies Cattery

LaLisa of BuffBarbies

Lovebriland iris of buffbarbies

BRI ay 12 33

Father-Absolu Vertu ny 11

Mother-Goldenbri vasilina ny 11 33

Very nice rare color. Iris has a big big head and little fur on top of her ears like a little fairy. She combined the body type of her father vertu and lovely lovely face from her mom vasilina. She is very soft and warm. She carries blue golden gene and point, also golden shaded. Iris's nickname is fishball, since her head is so big and round. Nil is a very good friend of mine, and I am glad she save this very special girl for me.



2 more beautiful girls, coming to our cattery

Galaxymeow  Larisa of BuffBarbies

BLH Ny 25

FAther-Favorite Honey Hollday*ru ny11

Mother-Kalista Bell Arden ny12

Thanks to Jennifer for this precious  girl. She is the biggest and most sweet girl of the litter. Larisa has beautiful golden fluffy coat. Her tail is very fluffy and huge. She is a very shy girl, but loves to stick around. Larisa loves to eat meat and roar when she eat big pieces of raw meat bone. Cutiest thing ever. When she stay still she looks like a big piece of Shrimp tepura that is ready to serve. When I hold her I feel very satisfied because of her hair and weight and her warm big tummy. 



Goldenbri Yuki of buffbarbies

BRI Ny 11 33

Father-WCH Patrick peach Muslincats ny 11 33

Mother-Lolita Cocopalace ny 12 33

Yuki means "happiness" and "snow" in Japanese. This boy is what brings everyone happiness, and he is a beautiful snow ball. Amazing features from his World Champion father, very strong and powerful cheek. Mother has the most beautiful ocean blue eyes. Excellent bloodline combination made this boy really special. I believe he will bring me wonderful children. 



From raven city Savanna of BuffBarbies

BRI Ny 12

Father-Infinity Jewel Cosmos ny11

Mother-From Raven city Unica ny11

Savanna is beyond incredible. Raven city line, which is famous for its sweetness level. She has such a big fluffy head and delicate features. Thanks to Irina for giving me such precious girl that she was going to keep fot herself. She has light golden haircoat, soft thick paws, and thick tail. She loves kneading, 24 hour non-stop. And she purss really loudly. I love this girl very much.



Sunday April Of buffBarbies

BRI ny11

FAther-Snowhouse  Sunny xinqitian ay11

Mother-Snowhouse Sansan ny11

April is from Simba's line. The most expensive British shorthair in history. 70000 Euro. Simba Fareast Gold Galeksy ay11. All of simba's chilren have the same perfect face type. He has very strong gene. This girl had warm golden haircoat and very big eyes. She is always in the front line of eating and playing. April is very active and needy, sometimes I worry if she can be a good mom. She might just dump her baby and go play herself!



GalaxyMeow Charlie of buffbarbies

BRI Ny 11 

Father-Fontoney Perfect Sheva ay12

Mother-GalaxyMeow Silver Queen Yeti bs 12 33

I fell in love with Charlie the moment I saw him. He has such a big head and beautiful bright haircoat. He loves to rub his head on people. He has puppy personality, always excited to see everyone and always happy to play. Everytime I have a visitor he is always the first one in frontline to check on the visitor. Both of his parents are very sweet and strong.  He is a Point-carrier and also has blue golden gene. 



Our Breeding cats


GoldenBri Mr Turbo of BuffBarbies

BRI Ny 11 

Father-WCH David GoldenBri ny 12

Mother-iC Tomila GoldenBri ny 11 33

Turbo is a sweetheart from beautiful Estonia. He loves to be around me. He got this name beacuse he purrs so much and so loud it's like a turbo inside him. He is such a gentle and needy boy. And Turbo is a very strong boy.  He gots a perfect big body type from his father GoldenBri David, and grandfather james.  The thick body and arm as the traditional british shorthairs. It's a very precious Champion bloodline. This boy also carries Color point gene from his mom. Hope he can bring me suprises next year!