BuffBarbies Cattery

LaLisa of BuffBarbies

Lovebriland Diana of BuffBarbies



BRI Ny 11 

DOB: 20.03.2019

Father-Absolu Virtue ny 11

Mother-Viva Vouge Aquarelle ny11

This girl is a wonderful conbination of 2 champion line. 


RougeSnow Camelia of Buffbarbies


DOB: 02.03.2019

Father-Caihongcheng's bus Rougesnow

Mother-JW rougesnow Adam

My beautiful snow white. She is a combination of both Eastern Yun-Line (a very strong line) and European sweet type. She got big head and body from her father and unbelievably sweet fave from her mother. My heart was melt at the first moment I saw her. Yunbao has won countless awards in cat shows. I wish she can continue his legend.




Galaxymeow  LaLisa of BuffBarbies

BLH Ny 25

DOB:  15.03.2019

FAther-Favorite Honey Hollday*ru

Mother-Kalista Bell Arden

Our only longhair baby. She is attention catcher. Golden long coat makes her looks like a little lion.



Only Russo Fabio of Buffbarbies



BRI Ny 12 

DOB: 12.04.2019




GoldenBri Mr Turbo of BuffBarbies

BRI Ny 11 

DOB: 29.01.2019

Father-WCH David GoldenBri ny 12

Mother-iC Tomila GoldenBri ny 11 33

Turbo is a very strong boy.  He got a perfect big body type from his father GoldenBri David. It's a very precious Champion bloodline. This boy also carries Color point gene. Hope he can bring me suprises next year! 



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